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Beneath the Animal I Am.

Leather, latex,
black buckled boots
up to the knees, leather,
latex pants, tight jeans, ripped
and revealing skin.

It kills me,
with permission
to speak freely,

I feel an aching need
to grab that ass, each cheek
a violent, gripping
hand as I press

you hard into me
to saturate, penetrate
your reality,

bring me to depths
within you, your mind
inside me
as I rush with rythm
into your body,

take control,
bring us home, so

right now, you belong
to me. I will work,
bring you bliss
my empathy feeds
back to me till
I deliver us,

as one,

as I hear you sing,
see you dance
the primitive jig
like the animal
you are

the animal I am.


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