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Sold Us.

Endless droves
of distraction, littered
with spin and bold-faced

lies. Infotainment.

anesthetic. Emotional
fix fed. Vacuum-packed
for freshness, blacked out
in secrecy, the lid
is on it.

Muddied the leaks.

Fixation, confusion,
so frequently we are hypnotized,
immobilized. Blind me, deafen
me to the media, please.
Inspiring pointless conflict
that keeps us disunited,
hopelessly entangled
in the trivial

all as they live the high
life at the expense
of our freedom and hope
for the future, truth safety-sealed,
educated choices
rendered impossible
by the population. Beneath

this dark blanket,
suffocating. Bad
for the species, though it serves
the length of their term.

Good for the state.
Serving the peeps.
Good for the economy.

In the name
of our way of life
and death. Necessary
for the maintenance
of our national security.

Fuck you, we’ve been
living a lie. A fiction
you have sworn
to uphold and abide.
And we’re dying. Your damn
faith will cost
our future its life. You sold
us out, you bring
it all down. Your message
is yet to be sent,
though upon its arrival
it shall be loud and clear
to all of us. Such a shame.

All we could have accomplished…


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