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Damn This Fear.

Hang my head in shame,
hands covering
my face as I take a deep
sigh, squint bloodshot
eyes, ocular silos
to a sleep-deprived mind,
move my fingers
to massage my temples.

Just a moment of silence.
Another moment
to assess the mess.

I am on an island
of boredom, insult
and frustration
surrounded by a treacherous
moat of fear that no one
really feels or sees
but me, an obstacle

that no one else
seems to have an issue
crossing, overcoming,

triumphantly degrading
the wretched place
they escape in the wake
as they go on to bigger
and better things.

Here I am, stagnant,
just damning
this fear again,

this pointless,
relentless cage
of terror
I’m locked within.


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