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Twinkling above,
photon ghosts. So many stars
aglow: shimmering
nuclear furnaces. Fertile

ground found
in revolutions around. So
many islands

in our deep, dark beautiful sea
of quadruple axes,
space-time for so many
probabilities bound
to play themselves out.

A cosmic nursery.
Honor the diversity.
Survival of life, seed
found in variety.

It begins
with respecting
ourselves, evolving our empathy
until we understand
the primal importance
of individual liberty.

Only then,
together, are we
an unstoppable force,
just long and hard enough
for successful infection
of values
to subvert the oppressive

We kill it from the inside.
Lead by example, sacrifice.
Each must do their part:
are you listening?

Sameness is the enemy.

Be not only unique,
be your inner
self out: make only the marks
that define you.

As the cauldron
of chaos you are,
soul soup, bubbling
luminous egos,
an enduring sequence
through a system of stars.

Do you know
what you are?
Must I spell
it out for you?


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