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No Horizon.

Let me awaken
on the table in the strange,
circular, sterile room,
walk to the floor-to-ceiling
window, entranced, lay

my hands upon the glass
again, gazing up
and down, all around.

No horizon.
Only sky.
… and the clouds
in my mind

Clarity in staring up
at myself
looking down
and then looking out
to find myself
peering back in.

Connected with the cosmos
by strands that stretch
through time and space
and we tie
ourselves down here.

Utter madness.

Ancient emotions, agonizing
tugging, something that reminds
me of feeling homesick.

Burning desire
to strip off this awkward
skin, dive in exosomatic,
go swimming across,
exploring, communing

with this beautiful black sea,
so many islands
sharing seeds

around my luminous


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