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Trapeze the Fence.

gripping, fighting
them off with reason.

So hungry, so thirsty
for this primitive,
transient unity.

Tightening bonds:
the prospect seems
so frightening.
Feel the cold, itchy energy.
Liberties constricting.

Not at all comforting
as advertised.

Step close, feel it out,
sense that I am
drifting from myself,
losing my center,
dying inside.


shows itself so clearly.
Aching to be close,
need to be free.

shallow emotions
dominate and drive.
Superficiality reigns.

This skin, relentless
with its tugging.
Its burning need, a thorn
in my mind.

Let live or let die.
Eliminate or satisfy.
No more stumbling
as I try and trapeze
the fence.

Submission or overcoming
before the tension
breaks me into
more pieces.


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