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Teeter-Totter & the Wall Between.

Out there
she lives
like a queen,

growing bored
with the ease
at which she can sway
some, as others

remain immune
to her seductive, hypnotic,
ingenious and strategic
psychological, scientific,
mentalistic, magic(k)ian
psionic artistry.

Then there is me,
and I am increasingly
uneasy where I stand.

(You know
how this must end.)

Cannot deny
she is so goddessdamn
to me, does that make
me enslaved?

psychedelic, telepathic
mentalist, shared dreams,
energetic resonance,
synchronistic puppetry.

I burn
to be one
with you, but only
with a thick wall

Need this escape
for greater perspective,
a fresh look
upon me.

You could even
help me change
me, is it wise,
is the benefit
mutual or might

I just prove
to be a naive
fool, hypersensitive,
susceptible to the deepest
state of your control?

And what then?
Out of my trembling hands…

I could never trust
any growing trust.
Growth towards
It only reinforces

I am steadily
approaching acute paranoia
now, soothed
by a simultaneous
comforting surge
of power.

within me: which way
will you come to sway?


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