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Blow Your Kiss.

Threw you a line
amidst the webwork,
you grabbed ahold,
held onto that thread
for so long,
then let me go.

Why, I don’t know.

It may have taken
me several forevers,
though I discovered
your desertion.

It killed me
in a way
that refuses
to die.

Stung by the hiss
of your silence,
pin-needles like spears,
left hurt and bleeding,
crying, cold, alone
and afraid
like an abandoned child.

This dream dies here.
I just can’t sleep anymore.

Comfort of this false hope
grown frigid,
a dilapidated blanket
that just smells

of death now
and so in mercy
I commit it to the fire,
for the good of its memory,
for the good of I,
its tender.

I will not hold on.

Embrace this death
to better serve life.
Evolution brings
distinction, distinction
requires distance,
both serve survival.

Honor this
as the hard love
of a friend.

Wave, blow your kiss
move on with your life.


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