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Indecent Exposure of the Socialized Psychopath.

Spare me
the standard lines.
Cut out this pretentious
Last but not least,
hear me loud and clear:

To hell
with your mindless

Put the bloated, bulging,
throbbing ego away.
I refuse to be your voyeur.

what I need is sincerity,
what I call for is honesty:
just remember
that content, packaging
and delivery
are equally important.

Despite what you think,
not being an asshole
is not necessarily

Brutality is not synonymous
with authenticity,
it only conveys
your lack of tact,
fails to betray any sense
of all-too-common courtesy,
any capacity for empathy,
you socialized psychopath.

It’s not about
your commitment to honesty,
it’s your lack
of self-responsibility,

your blindness to the fact
that as far as others
are concerned,
their response is your meaning,
your callous towards
it is revealing.

You change content,
never your style.
Power is your only drive,

always willing
to go the extra mile
to make it to the ocean,
mount the crest
of the wave.


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