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Any Brand of Monster (Like Me).


Cracking, breaking,
once again.

His footsteps
are like thunder
growling, howling
through me so

(Just hide
behind the door in wait,
like a fist of tension,
by flooding adrenaline.)

Belt in hand
again, approaching his children,
now his son,
my only friend.

(Damn your empathy.)

Hurting them, he hurts
me. How can he not,
how does he not
feel this hell
he delivers unto
them, this
hell that I’m sharing.

(Find a knife.
Grab a gun.
Save them.
Stop this.)

Feet nailed
to the floor.

Guilt staining
my insides.
Divert my inner eye
from this powerless witness
I am.
to help them.

I just run
and hide,

as I always do
when it comes to
any brand
of monster.


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