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Dumbbell Curls of Stubbornness.

From deep within
him came a scream:

“Life is a sentence.
We have been judged
for our adherence
to the truth.

All these lies, ripe lashings
and knuckle marks…
My ego is my wound,
my bruise,

kept alive
through self-abuse,
holding myself hostage
to my broken mirror
of a mind.”

So he swells, he bleeds
all as

puzzle pieces
begin to fall together and fuse.
Solutions to mysteries
feverishly operated
upon in the past

suddenly present
themselves to him, turning
themselves in:

hopes and dreams
survive, it seems, despite
the fact that he had long ago
called their time of death.

Have the determination.
Know the process.
Life sentence to a flatline,
life comes back around.

Inside, endurance,
cradling, nourishing,
pushing, keep going.

Dumbbell curls
of stubbornness.


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