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Killing the Seed.


it’s not found
in your disregard
for clearly-marked

but in manipulation,
in stacking up evidence
suggesting that past
your comfort zone
lies only certain death:

a death that feels
worse than this unlived,
slowly decaying
life, no less!

Do not create
your masterpiece:
such an aim,
it is suicide cranked
to high pressure.

Burning alive
without reason
is such a fucking waste
in any case.

No, create
your best move.

Leave room for the next
step in your evolution,
a gap full of tense, yet relaxed
fertile awaiting.

Do not constrain
yourself to the current
limitations of your vision,

no matter how far
they may be.
No matter the depths
to which you fear
this prospect
of blossoming,
in the process:

only sort of killing
the seed that you are.


2 responses to “Killing the Seed.

  1. I’m pretty sure you meant “past your comfort zone”. Like the poem.

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