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No Ugly Ducklings.

every one thing bleeds
into all others. Boundaries
blur. Exchange rates?


is another word
for a largely invisible,
unfathomably complex
association of nodes bound
by the strands
of this vast web.

No, we are not all one,

though it is true
that we need each
other. Accept the diversity,
nurture our connectivity.

We are a small aspect
of the overall force
of natural selection,

we are distinct
in that we belong
to this community
of insight. Dig deep,
find your true and inner
self, find your spark,
your soul,

your drive,
our incidentally shared drive,
our natural space of resonance,
our unintended,
though much needed

to make all worlds
our home.

No ugly ducklings.

No one should ever
feel so alone.


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