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High Hypnotizability?

As I drive to work, the sun begins going down behind the trees lining the side of the road, casting long, slender shadows across my path. I cannot look at the road, for the flashing it exposes my eyes to as I drive feels dangerously entrancing. When I look at the lines of light and shadows as I drive through them, I can feel my eyes do that strange thing, like my field of vision is the surface of an ocean and I am staring into a series of rhythmic waves. The intensity is such that my vision almost seems tactile, as if I were running my fingers along a ridged surface.

I try to keep my attention on the road ahead. To focus. The adrenaline it delivers, the effort it takes to focus away from it, all of it is remarkably intense.

Does this happen to everyone, or am I just highly hypnotizable?


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