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Birth of the Phlegm Worm (11/15/15 dream).

In previous and relatively recent dreams I imagined coughing up a wad of phlegm that was disturbingly large and compact, like some amniotic sac of loogie. I thought that was weird, though it pales in comparison to the dream I recalled upon awakening this afternoon.

Again I coughed up an abnormally large ball of phlegm, though this time there seemed to be some green core, like a little Brussels sprout. As I watched, it expanded a bit, broke open, and at what at first seemed like a long, thick, snaking tube of slime squeezed out of it. Then it began to move, like a snake or a worm. At the head of the creature there were little antennae or feelers and I just watched it moving around, sort of disgusted but entirely fascinated.

My first thought was that I had, after all, coughed this up: was there more of these worm things inside of me? My first thought for some reason was roundworm and I decided to look it up on the net. That is all I remember, and may have actually been the end of the dream. Just after writing the above I did a google search and what I saw in the dream was certainly no roundworm. It was far creepier.


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