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Burn Away the Veil.

Break down
the closed door, bathe
in the stereotypical epic storm
of splintered wood,
heavy, violent rain
of saw dust,
relentless, on the attack.

All of it,
it just burns
the eyes,
blurs the vision.

Let me see,
know, be one
with honesty,
sincerity, live
with integrity…

Wash it off and down,
with some gasoline
and matches: burn
away the veil, boy, break
into their safe, steal back
the things they stole.

All those sneak
peeks of memories…
truths taken from you.

You only want to be honest
with yourself, though the fear
they induced, the wall they built,
it shrinks and breaks
your over-sensitive soul.

Why must you give a damn?
Just play your role, adhere to the plan.

No. They are fucking vicious
and cold.
I could never,
I would never…

Though you will.
And you know.


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