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(SOS From Deep in) Lila.

Do you rely
on lies for the preservation
of a tender truth, all as fragile
facts proceed to bleed
from it like a sieve, betraying,
revealing, integrating in the public
eye, building a case against
your betrayal, ensuring
your downfall?

That was your answer,

fuck it. See
me naked, take me as I am
or promptly ex-communicate,
Too worn, too damn tired for this.
I have no patience
for these stupid games.

I am director, producer,
behind a fraction
of all,

so forgive me for my fear
that you might mistake
all this for playing.

Know it is only play in the most sacred,
the most serious of ways.

Action, habit and transition:
three components
of conscious evolution,

three ingredients
for great change,
all within the subliminal womb
they once called Lila.

No Game Over.
Just a game-changer.
Makes you a player:

oh yes.



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