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Power Play (Need This).

in a billion years
would he have dreamed
that he would find
himself here.

His dominance:
Providing balance.
Leaning him closer
towards psychic

“Rape me,” she pleads.
Dark and welcoming.

Ethics, liberty,
comes down
to consent,
so rest easy, twisted
fucker, rest easy.

No shame in fulfilling requests.

In passionate violence
coupled with the deepest
form of empathy, he cupped
his hand lightly

around her throat,
the other, tightly
around the base
of her ponytail

and buried
her into him,
interface achieved
in smooth,
intense, key-in-lock

fashion in the more literal form
of her soft,
versatile lips tightly puckered,

around the base
of his swollen,
hunk of manhood,

rhythmically maneuvering
her head in elegant,
rigidly-controlled pursuit of fleeting
yet life-altering, ego-transforming

She likes it,
he reminded himself.
She wants this,
needs this.

And you…


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