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Downsides of One-Upping Our Lows.

No, surely I have never
lived your life,
so I have no place to say.

Just remember,
that you have never
lived their own,
lived mine.

Its insane,

this one-up game
you play,
one-up with the down
low: always and forever,
the one
with the greater pain.

Misery that admits
no company.

Privy to rules governing the sympathetic
spotlight, whatever perks you claim:
victim has the right to victimize. I say,
to each their own,
but you are not stacking guilt
upon my suffering. Ride the tidal

wave of your blazing hells, rise
so high to the sky
and take a look below. Burn
bright so they all look
up at you, bore
into to their blazing
eyes, a thousand flavors
of hell.

Some things you cannot weigh.

Ask yourself why you try
with all your might to belittle
their agonies
as well as mine.

I get it, sure: you can take
no more. Head out of your rectum,
wipe the shit from your eyes, open wide,
see your incalculable company.

Never lived their lives.
Still, why not take
a moment and empathize?

Such a grim land,
I know. Even so, facing
reality is the way to go,

all of yourself
to being

one part of a joint
force to better this world,
fueled by the heavy feeling
of sadness
that comes with the realization
that this ongoing, persistent
trend of denial
only feeds all flavors
of flame.

At this rate,
we will burn down
in no time, no
time at all.

Get over yourself,
we could use your help.


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