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Fate of Puffer Fish (Epic Sneeze).

Tongues wiggle, encircle,
vary tempos
and rhythms, exploring
sensations, responses, as hands
add dimension
to the spectrum.

to the limits of the given eyes
or compensate
for the blind.

Spine arcs, smooth and still
skin, tender, quivering
lips suddenly suspended
in the wake of a deadly
gasp, cut.

Like a goddamn
machete swung down
at top speed, abruptly, completely,
severing the line binding
all the body reflects

in movement, sound,
and so on for conscious awareness
bound to the living, however deathlike
mass of flesh: the soul’s weighty,
meaty anchor. Like cartoon

puffer fish swelling
in the necessary buildup
towards the epic sneeze.

your insides around me.

Claw, squeeze, vice
your outsides
into me as, amidst
this passionate, consequently
violent, empathy to feel
out into this outside,

the self. Once
out, looking back
from the outside in, mind
struggling, resolving it all beautifully,
with an image of simplicity,

through the pure medium
of the debaucherous and rowdy,
brings forth true personal liberty
as a value worth rebelling
against the puppet-
masters the end.

We shall be one,
honor thy feather
for the puffer fish.


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