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Ruthie (Dead Girl With Hope).

So often,
unannounced, you rose
from the grave
to turn

my life on its head,
scramble it, feces
meets the blades
of the fan,

relentless rain
of agonizing
bullshit, left me frigid
and rotting, good
as dead. Now I grab

(fuck me, fuck me:
considerately kill me,
like Nietzsche,
as Maynard
said) the shovel,

invest elbow
grease, excavate,
dig up your goddamn
grave. Yes, yes,

it’s all true,
I read
your fucking epitaph.
You’re lost
to me, you can kiss
my ass.

Feel better now?
More to your liking?

Come to me, I will hogtie,
make you beg on knees
bleeding, tear
it up, ask, how do
you like that? I am

your vengeful god,
so try it. Talk
me down
from this, dead

girl with hope
for rebirth, beg
me to walk the earth
with you.


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