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Through the Alien.

Safety-sealed communities,
safe spaces, follow the detours
of trigger warnings
around the threatening, the foreign,
to a land of isolation

providing selected reinforcement,
worlds where a lack of confrontation
with any semblance

to opposition stunts your growth,
leaving you with emotions untempered,
intellects indoctrinated,
all to make decisions,

Breeding weakness, feeding
victim mentality. To their mythological
hells with these insipid
ideologies: I know it, feel it flowing
in my nadis, through my veins,
see it in their eyes. Fuck
them all: you’re strong.

Immunize yourself against
the divide and conquer the powers
that be nurture
so as to remain in control,
all to serve their thirst for power.

Know yourself, distinguish
your true self from the pain.
Let your intellect impose
reigns on your rampant emotions,
let freedom ring
for us all. Diversity
is beauty

and through the alien,
every soul grows.


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