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Frayed Ends of I.

Take your loose
ends, so frayed.
Now: tie
them all together, fashion
a haphazard

knot imbued
with all those conflicting
that make

Hash it out. Endure.
Cherry-pick all
on your own
and fucking

own it, run
with, defend
it. Do
this, pushing far
beyond any capacities
of yours

you would have dreamed
to have been even
vaguely conceivable,

let alone
possible, probable,
much (nearly
infinitely) less:


No need
to be so goddamn

Knowing yourself, making
yourself, is to distinguish
within from out
there, and so strengthens
your objectivity.

You are almost yourself.
I am nearly
you, we are ever-closer
to being us,

what we both
call Me:



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