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Goddess of Mutual Beneficiance.

Wiser than any
advertising campaign,
or Robertson

Panel recommendations
enacted: like a commercial
save for the clear insult
to those of the most
moderate intelligence,

you provide
an intense bolt
that alters
the minds
embodying it:

you brainwash the cattle,
mesmerize the sheep,
hypnotize billions of eyes
to serve

your needs
— for once armed
with your sacred,
salvaged empathy,
inner eyes, mind-
blinding light

— it promotes
your understanding
of the recurrent feedback
loop that lies between:

you care and nurture
them, optimizing
your machines,

of your minions,

that you shall
always reign supreme,
for if no other

reason than their faith
in everything is imperative
to success. Provide
a true sense

of supremacy,
of mastery,
of natural
and just authority
in their lives

(don’t mind the lies)

for unless they can provide
it for themselves, they cannot
provide for the powers

that be pulling
their strings.


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