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UFOs and Possessed Cars (1/7/16 Dream).

Within the dream I began to remember one night where UFOs displayed themselves above my parent’s property — a memory pulled from one the many vivid dreams I have had regarding that particular scenario, and this particular dream involved an awe-inspiring spectacle in the sky. I was going to ask someone, perhaps my brother in law, if he remembered it, but I never did.

Sitting in car on break at work, reading or writing when I hear a grumble and feel a faint vibration. I’m confused to find that my car has somehow just started up. After a moment I get out and look up, wondering if a UFO might be overhead. I am walking towards the rear of the car and look behind me and see the passenger side door open and close as if someone invisible had just gotten in or followed me out. The car tries to back up, but I block it and it doesn’t elect to run me over.

Eventually my car seems to have gone back to normal. Once back inside, I walk behind counter and down the pathway between the pie oven and the kitchen, telling Elizabeth and one other person about it in passing. It’s too weird for them to believe it, I feel, but it happened and I’m tired of always being afraid to talk about these weird things in my life.


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