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500 Generation Descent.

For circa ninety
percent of our history
we organized into nomadic
bands of roughly-egalitarian

until some ten
thousand years ago,
when the agricultural revolution
was born. 500 generations
of descent against instinct
has passed,

pulling towards
our extinction,

born to herald
the coming
of the Anthropocene.

We are all foot soldiers
for our own species suicide,
so natural, the next great shift
for Gaea, climate change
presenting a challenge for life.

Stop. Breathe.
Now: second-guess
all this apparent human
success. Realize

we could benefit
from some deeply-rooted

If only free
will were not pushed
now to the fringe,

if this unprecedented gash
between individual liberty
and a sense of personal responsibility
were stitched,

could we make
it to another species

Might we save ourselves?


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