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Explosions in the Sky (1/9/16 Dream).

It was approaching evening and there was a crowd of people around me when it happened. There was a big explosion at the horizon which shot these tendrils of light high into the sky. Each of these tendrils then descended, arching down for a short distance before each of them exploded as well, shooting their own spidery tendrils in every direction, and this chain reaction carried on for a short time.

Frightening, awe-inspiring in its beauty, people seemed shocked and confused but despite the lack of any explanation seemed to quickly forget about it. In the meantime, my concern remained steady and my curiosity, my need to get to the bottom of it, continued to gnaw at me.

My frustration with the apathy of those around me seemed to grow throughout the dream. There was a scene in which I had a rather childish fight with the eldest of my two younger sisters where I experienced that blinding, all-consuming rage I often had as a kid.

At some point I burst open a door to a nearby house and tried to ask the people inside if they had seen what happened in the sky, if they knew what had caused it. There were four people, I think: two pairs sleeping with one another, curled around one another with their pillows and blankets on the floor.

Though I knew what I wanted to say in my head with precision, I was unable to get so much as a word out. It felt as though I were pushing to say it but at best I could make only muffled, garbled sounds. I began losing motor control in my body, too, and I thought to myself that this had to be another anxiety attack. After some fruitless effort, after I was sure that they were confused and frightened and thought me to be some weirdo, I managed to escape back out the door.


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