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Floaty Dreams.

I took my sleeping pill, watched some YouTube videos to ready my mind and them lay supine on my bed, trying out a technique I had heard of many times before. It involves trying to maintain consciousness as the body falls asleep, and I even do some relaxation techniques to assist the process, resisting the urge to move — until I could take it no longer. I rolled over on my belly and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

The dreams I had were confusing — of the type where people or furniture transform in the midst of the narrative — and failed to trigger any lucidity. At some point I am alone in a basement or dimly-lit barn, however, and I’m floating maybe a foot of the ground, moving around as if sliding through the air, whipping in and out of rooms. A part of me knows that I should not be able to do this, though I don’t want to think about it too much for fear that any skepticism towards my ability or fear of being weird may prevent me from continuing to do it. I am also relaxed in the knowledge that I’m alone and know that no one knows I can do this — they would label me a freak; a rather big fear of mine.

In retrospect, in waking consciousness, I know I have been practicing this throughout my dreams and slowly disciplining my control over it. I look forward to these dreams and love the floating and flying sensation, not to mention my growing control over it. I only wish I could wake up within the context of these dreams and really do some flying and exploring…


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