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Jiva Via Anima.

Hypnosis is fake?

My ass, my part-time
fantasy mistress,
hypnotic siren,

Still image,
yet she has
somehow managed
to transfix

me, arouse
me, as well as stimulate
all those so-called
higher facilities aching
for data, rooted deep,
so stupid fucking,

dumbly deep
within me. Fuck
with them, you fuck
with me. So soft

edges, no foreplay:
if you do commit,

this is the way
it is. This is
the way it is:
I am to obey.

Fuck you. Fuck
you. I bleed
through, meet
you in mind
and you guide
me through.

I follow you.
Rested, energized
by you, temporarily
myself to you, plenty
of time to process —

to think,
feel it out. Reflect
and adjust
with the whole
of me, congruence,

synchronization, pushing
through to self-expression,
social realization,
personal actualization:

it is your only path,
after all,
back to who
you truly are.


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