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One of the Monsters.

the act, this stance,
my seeming reluctance:

I passionately condone
elections of your free will,

to do
as you have done
and will surely
continue to do until
it turns against

all that is mine:
here you will find
torture only ending
in my come and go

— a kind of, sort
of, bipolar, though ultimately
merciful hell-fire
on my part,
I must confess:
yes, if you must know.

Truly, sincerely,
I would rather be
the fearing
than the feared.

When will you finally
come to understand?

I am one of the monsters
I have fought
against, battle,
war against still

as I always
did as a child,
yet still, still, I am
my own greatest
goddamn enemy.

For I am you,
you are me:

Build the bridge.


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