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Truth, Trust, Honesty and Freedom.

No, I do not believe
that we are all
the same inside,

that all, some,
any of us are entirely
sane inside.

I do not believe
that we are all
one, or that we are
mere products
of our pasts.


with your biochemistry.

You will be sure to discover
there is a deep
core made up of all
that you really

are: no less,
no more
than all
that you could be.

You are what hides
behind the deep, inner
eye pointing out,

essentially blind
to itself save
for renditions, reflections

but you are, have
always been
and without doubt
forever will be

who you are. Reality
is a spectrum
of paths
ranging from the least
to the greatest resistance.

When and where we operate
on autopilot in our lives
marks the depth,
extent, complexity

of our laziness,
the very bottom
of our beings

where all the shit
gathers, piles up.

Learn to love
the worst
of you and

all the rest,
everything else
will fall into place

and finally,
you can play:
free from reigns.


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