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Mirror and the Storm.

Through coincidence, via
the surreal,

sensory-rich memory
I had as a child
of staring into the mirror
just to watch my eyes
grow larger, more slanted,

beyond my control:
almond shaped,

unblinking and wide,
dominating my face:
it has been haunting me.

Lies that must be shed
here. Truths lying
in slumber, crawling
before the unavoidable
pounce. Come

and get me,
come and get
me. Ready as I will
ever be,

Bring it on:
beyond twice,
lightning strikes;

from this violent,
relentless rain:

this storm
of all time
according to memory.


One response to “Mirror and the Storm.

  1. This is absolutely so beautiful, I enjoyed reading it so much. The structure and word usage is absolutely beautiful and it creates such a vivid picture. I look forward to reading more of your work

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