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A Frustrating Dream (2/24/16).

On the way to a party being held at my patent’s house I stop by work briefly. By the time I get to the party, though it takes me some time to realize it, I am incredibly late. The house is packed and they were already finishing dinner. I sensed that everyone seemed to think ill of me because of it.

I then realized it was Sunday and I was supposed to be at work at four o’clock, but it was already five. I got out my phone with the intention of calling work but could not find the phone icon or access the keypad. Tried an older phone that I had on me and had the same issue. There were also messages on the new phone for another person, and I also found that perplexing — it was, after all, a new phone, not a used one. For what seems like forever I am going through everything on the phones and yet cannot manage to place a call.

I was beyond frustrated. I also failed to realize that as I struggled with trying to place the call I had somehow transitioned from the party at my parent’s house to my workplace. I was by the office when Elizabeth came up and took the phone out of my hands. “You’ve been at this for awhile,” she said.

Her and I begin talking but I find it difficult to pay attention to her because a guy at work, I’ll call him Pooh, is at my left, talking to me at the same time. So I loose my cool and yell at him. The new store manager, Joyce, was in the office behind Elizabeth and defended Pooh.

I drifted from the office and went out the stock room door. It was might outside and as I looked to my right I saw moving around the corner what appeared to be an ape or monkey. I went inside and told Joyce, who did not seem to believe me, but when she followed me outside she saw it, too. Someone began fighting with it. I saw its obscenely cartoon-long fangs, got Joyce and myself behind the door and closed it.

When we opened the door again the ape creature had turned into an adorable baby monkey that looked at Gus, a coworker of mine, waved to him and said, in a child’s voice, “Hi Gus!”

I woke up still frustrated from the dream but so glad I was out of it.


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