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Armed to the Teeth.

Life is like
having a firearm
loaded, with a box
of shells
on you in the midst
of the collapse,

true, unadvertised
end times,
the shit hitting
the fan,
darkness flung

across the globe,
the goddamned
apocalypse, though no

gods or devils
are to be found
here and distinguished,
divided among
ourselves, so conquered

by the viscous external
force so calculating,
so distinct, alien
to you and I. I try
and just breathe,
but the air

has been violently
knocked out
of me: my only fuel
now is my fire,

so quell it
or feed it,
but beware:

either way,
any way,
my aim is to bring
us together
against an opposing force,
our true enemy:

burst beyond the veil,
wake up, armed to the teeth.


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