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Virus (3/1/16 dream).

We’re in a building and they, the powers that be, try and lock us down. I’m not sure why, but it appears people are getting sick. Is it all a ruse? I do not trust the people trying to keep us inside. I walk out of the building, walk down a street. As I approach this car from behind and at a bit of an angle there is suddenly a huge red explosion, blood everywhere inside the car. Though I had not seen anyone inside, I presumed there must have been and that this person’s head just exploded.

I go back inside. For some time I worry that perhaps I was wrong, and perhaps in being outside I had caught the virus and was now risking contaminating everyone.

In another scene, we’re all standing in a long line doing a series of things as it moves along. It is a test of sort sort, presumably to see if we have the virus. I miss a step in the process — something to with rubber bands — and hold up the line.

In the final scene I see two dogs in a car. Both have big heads but tiny eyes and look malformed, as if they were burned.


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