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A Scary Drive Home.

So I’m driving shortly after midnight down the dark, tree-lined road I take home from work. I’m going the speed limit but I quickly catch up to this red car in front of me. They’re weaving, like they’re playing ping-pong between the yellow and white lines. I don’t want to have to constantly be on guard while driving, so I pass what I presume to be a drunk driver. As I do so, I think I hear them rev their engine for a moment.

Five minutes or so later I notice something in my rearview: a car driving without its headlights on. Right on my ass, too. I turn my eyes back in front of me and then look behind me again, and now the car is right behind me in the other lane, headlights still off. Just the yellow driving lights. I’m confused and rather freaked out. When I look back shortly thereafter for a third time I see a car in the distance pull into a driveway. It seemed to be too far away for it to be the same car, but we were the only two cars on the road at the time and the car with its lights off was no longer behind me.

For a brief time there is a truck behind me, but I see him turn right and I’m alone on the road again. Relief. Around then, where I pass under a bridge, I suddenly feel strange. Lightheaded, pleasant, comfortable. I feel my chin go down, my head nod down towards my left shoulder. Its all like I’m watching this happen. Did I close my eyes? I don’t think so. Still, it feels as though I switched off for a second and then turn back on: my chin rises and I look through the windshield at the road. For a moment I feel as if I’m floating, I get a head rush and I feel distant as my vision appears somehow magnified. This all happens for just a moment before all goes back to normal.

What the fuck was that about?


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