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Tell the Story Already.

Pull in, push
away. Revise,
rewrite, reorganize:


Scrap it all.
to the beginning…

Fear not,
for one day
you are sure to get
it done. Lay it all
out straight complete
with explanations.

Tell your story,
execute your catharsis
and alchemy, spread
the leaflets far

and wide, bear
the bitter
cold, take

the heat, steadily
the whole ordeal.

will be the feeling
of moving onward
and upward, truly

This? All this killing
shit? It’s just a phase.
A mere step in the process.

and loss of hope
are necessary and temporary
side-affects. Believe
it or not, you shall rise
above this, evolve
beyond this pathetic,
wretched state
of being.

You will tell
the story. Begin


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