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Culper Ring.

I died
here in this desert
wasteland. Honorably,
of course:

just another
fucking way
of saying, albeit

with some more-than-vague
semblance of respect,
that I failed.

A failure in action.

What I might have done.
What we had hoped
to have won. Is it all
dead now?

Tallmadge in my blood.
feeling I relate.

To know
you are in there,
in the red essence,

sure as
fucking Ragu.

Cannot ignore
that familiar

right here,
right now:

this could be a war
not over, but yet
to be won. So remember,
remember, remember…

Dreaming, awake:
fucking remember

that you have
on many levels

there before. Dumb
as a virgin, sharp
as a veteran.


2 responses to “Culper Ring.

  1. Just beautiful! Thank you…

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