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Hopeful Trajectory for a Gracious Impact.

I had my reasons,
damned if I can remember.

Do I trust
myself despite
the lack of evidence? 

So real,
far more than the rest.

Do I ignore its penetrating
reality and grab
a hold of the herd’s truth
despite the distinct,
smell of bullshit,
acquiesce to dissolution? 

Do I submit,
work harder,
or think smarter,
find a way to beat

the system, light
my way, well-armed, along
a path of good intentions,

sure to keep
the goal in sight
to avoid a misled,

altogether blind
race to Hades.

Low profile,
medium confidence,

high road
to purpose,

being a part, taking away,
giving back again:

in my estimation,
in the end,
an all-serving impact?


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