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Close Enough (Reflection, Part II).

You feel
as if you are constantly
on alert,
ready for an attack

that is most
likely to occur
the very
fucking moment you drop
your guard…

Constantly you fear
things coming at you out
from the corner
of every eye.

Startle response?

Through the roof,
for sure: hypervigilance
to the goddamn max.

you are, unarguably,
sensitive as fuck.

They think
it is so fucking funny
creeping up
on you and scaring
the shit out
of you because it’s so

but in that moment
you are awaiting

or, in the very least,
prepared for a fight
to save
your own
goddamn life.

You get this sense
that you are waiting
for something…

Something big, bad,
incredibly important,

and your run
-of-the mill
killer tip
of tongue…


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