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Faith in Reason, Though Not Its Triumph.

Do I have faith?

Off-hand I would say
I have no premature
certitude, no blind
trust, unquestionable

at rest
in me, so: no.

I, you,
are not the group.
Quite clearly,
we are individuals.

So damn
me as I have the gall
to think
for myself,

my own suspicions,
come to my own conclusions,
formulate and drown
in all
these endless questions…

and now what I see
not faith, just dismal
that you will let
this, help

this happen
and spell
out our end.

Hold back.
See this.
Wake up.

Fucking please,
please, please…

Are you fucking incapable
of reading
between the lines,
interpreting the signs?

He presses
every bright red button, barks
every buzzword solidified
in the collective mind

through relentless,
endless channels of data
containing spin and disinfo
spread through talk radio
and the media: all

Him and Them?
They are one and the same.
One and the same.

The only question

in the end,
is he better
at achieving their goal?

No. No, no:

he is not one of us
any more than he is free
from the political
disease: he is a narcissist,
a sociopath, serving

one, only one and — not
to piss
from a high altitude

on your pathetic
parade — but you are not
it, and he is hungry

for power and control
over absolutely

Just don’t.
Don’t give it to him…


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