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Plea from the Gutter.

Ablaze for miles,
it torches
planetary skin
to a crisp,
so uncompromising.

So brilliant
and alive
just before it all
goes blacker
than black, divine fire
extinguishing all.

It burns, consumes all
in its path, so relentlessly.
No exceptions,
no playing favorites:
this hungry tsunami
of death,
faithfully indiscriminate.

Charred remains rest
in the wake,
without wind,
ashes settling,
blanketing everything,
still and silent,
rigid and lifeless,
utter blackness,
global extinction,
nothing with an inner glow
left to feel the chill.

I am just a lonely ghost,
lost in a wasteland
caked in black and gray.

Let me see
through this suffocating
spy the sky again,
gaze into the infinite…


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