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Buried In Me (Atheistic Dualism).

I am, here and now,
so fuck you.

With a slap
on the ass
for good measure.

so what?

Hate me. Erase me.
Still I linger
like a butt-load odor,
kind of breaking wind.

Bet me.
You’re turning
green, choking on the stench
of me. 

Like a poltergeist
of emotions,
inhaled, exhaled,
the infected infecting
in an endless chain,

moving things around in ways
that contradict convention.
One in which all applicant explanations

have been demonstrably 
shown to be untenable

despite all available
being put at one’s disposal.

gap where a soul
sits, so comfortably:

so godless,
so fucking carefree.

So buried
in me.


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