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Two Cents of a Progressive Ape.

Planet is dying.
We’re killing her.
World is divided

and conquered
by a minority
of shortsighted,
small-minded nitwits.

apes still rallying
in layers, emotional
stratification ’round

an authoritarian
alpha to promote
popularity while adhering
to tradition.

Twin thorns
in my side,
pushed deeper
than ever now…

Pull them out.
Get, go away,
I’ll do it myself.

Well: fuck
our mammalian circuits,
our social nature,

just throw them
right on into
the processes

of conditioning
via enculturation
and socialization,

then right
on through the gates

of the closest
to that fictitious
fucking place

they designate
their hell.
All they know so well…

and do not
follow them.

Just let go.


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