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Secret School.

Hearing, reading,
and living stories

that chill me to the bone,
straight through the marrow
into and through a mind

straining itself to encapsulate
it all. I fear

that I am truly
not alone
t’all and that our consensus
sense of reality
is at odds

with the value system
of the establishment
and that all

shit, fire and chaos
will break loose
again, cleanse the earth,

when the time comes
and their contact
is more overt. As of now

we are tagged
fish, pets, livestock
and lab monkeys. 

Truth will be known
in a revelation
followed by true

unity, compassion
amidst the most diverse
population, a culture

embracing, defending
the personal, honoring
the individual,
devoted to the unique.

In an empathic
and revolutionary
act that sets us free.


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