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Fade and Shatter. 

Character, I know, is such a lame
excuse. Even so, I have vowed
honesty high

over creativity
when it comes
to conveying this truth… 

Why remain so blind?

One’s past
is their best predictor.

Their gravitation
towards, response
to stimuli
comes to define
their masque,

through another cycle.

Molest the clay
once more. Touch
up the war paint.

Show your thickened, weathered
skin, as you plow
through the battles stacked
up before you. 

Let dry, bake
to solidify. Given 
space, through time,
habits become character.

Open eyes, minds,
would have seen this a mile
away, so why draw

the shades, brother?
Why did you lock the doors? 
No, never dare to hand me that:

on towards the fade
till we shatter.


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