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Bipartisan Bullseye.

What if some people are fine
and doing damned dandy
with this hypnotic seduction,
control, exploitation?

Let her move her magick
hand, reel
them in through the psychic
lines cast by her eyes
after they swallowed the bait,
and so predictably:

goddamned fools…
And yet:
maybe they want this.

Are you not denying
both the perceived perpetrators
and their victims
their inalienable rights?

Their personal liberties,
personal right to choice?
For you, the greatest value
is the freedom of all.

Your nature, your choice:
make or find your tribe
and then turn around to keep peace
with your ancestors.

Make your people
wake up.
All across life,
it’s abundantly clear:

we don’t want this.


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