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Frayed Bouquet for a Snake-Charmer. 

Entrancing fingers
brush across skin
with sweet sweat.

It’s all in my head.
Snap out of it.
All caught in a cyclone
inside my head.

Sour at the scent of temptation in the air,
seduction running through her veins,

and me,
one hell of a well-worn
puppet offering
his bouquet of frayed strings.

Lost me.
Killed it.

Eyes locking with my own,
she leads this psychic dance.
She found the latest joystick yearning

for her eager,
wicked hands. 

hypnotize me till it takes over.
Lour me down, ease me to my knees,
exploit me as you please. 

Just stop me
from hating me, please,
when I come back around,
ashamed and sober… 


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