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Profit from Pity (Discussion).

Anyone would do it.
Everyone has.

“Okay,” he says.

hell fucking yes
I would,
and with fully
conscious deliberation.

“Without a hint of hesitation?”

If only
it were for the right cause.

“So the ends
justify the means?
Is the pathway to heaven
paved bad intentions?”

No. Not necessarily.
the proper trajectory
requires fixing
on the target: the end
must be in sight
for the means
to have something
to aspire to.

“A goal? An aim?”

Something to inspire
so intensely, to such heights
that one would have to concede
upon success,
after review of the journey,
investigation of the quest,

that one
could not have achieved
the sky
if not for the charitable
of their adoptive entelechy

them by hand every step
of the way.


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