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Insanity’s Seed. 

Memories absent
for so long ‘fore they returned.
No sense of the void
in the interim.

Back to the forgotten
white-knuckling my reigns
from the dark distance between us,
subtly manipulating me.

Something drew me back.

Maybe in response
to all those
strings it pulled
deep in me.

One yank
deserves another.
Puppet playing
the fucking puppeteer.

Follow my own footprints
back to track
my journey in the relative comfort
of retrospect
just to find untold horror,
a truly agonizing lack of confessions.  

Then: bam.

Revelations throwing
me on my bony white ass
and sending the cerebrum spinning,
amygdala like a coked-up mouse
running like a bat out of hell
on a hamster wheel within the cell
called my skull,

milky-white walls stained
with the blood of unanswered questions,
so many stolen, dismembered memories.

All this time,
where had they been hiding?
Just packed away an attic, stuffed
in a basement, a cubbyhole
or high security storage facility,
lost and gathering dust,
waiting to be found by me?  

Or might
someone, something,
have adopted them? 

Or might they have given birth
to the enemy
that now plagues me,

as my insanity’s seed?


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